Dare to Dream Physician Travel Podcast

Ep 34: Fear of Loss

December 30, 2021 Episode 34
Dare to Dream Physician Travel Podcast
Ep 34: Fear of Loss
Show Notes

Dr. Weili Gray is a board-certified sleep and lifestyle medicine physician who practices in the Northeast. She is also the founder of Dare to Dream Physician, where she hosts a weekly podcast and offers life planning to help physicians figure out what they really want out of life and how to live their dream life sooner than they ever imagined. 

During this end-of-year episode, Dr. Gray shares:

  • How did she previously deal with fear?

  • What led to the transformation in her relationship with fear?

  • What are the four steps that she applies when facing fear now?

  • An example of how she deals with the fear of loss.

Tune in and hear how one physician is living a meaningful life...

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