Dare to Dream Physician Podcast

Ep 18: Facing the Discomfort of Silence with Dr. Liz Aguirre

September 09, 2021 Episode 18
Dare to Dream Physician Podcast
Ep 18: Facing the Discomfort of Silence with Dr. Liz Aguirre
Show Notes

This episode is the second part of a profound conversation with Dr. Liz Aguirre, who practiced as a hospitalist for 10 years before transitioning to a non-clinical position, now also serving as a professional speaker on health and wellness. 

Dr. Aguirre shares:

  • How the practice of meditation has helped her marry the body, mind, and spirit, keeping her grounded to her genuine self and walking her desired path.

  • How to overcome common obstacles with meditation and embrace the discomfort that comes up with silence.  

  • How coaching helped her to gain an awareness of her negative self-talk and self-beating. This has led her to be freed from her self-imposed expectations, resulting in further life transformation.

    … and much more, so tune in!

Resources for Dr. Liz Aguirre:

Liz Aguirre, MD, Professional Speaker at https://www.lizaguirremd.com

Course on Meditation for Doctors with CME credit (use code DARETODREAM10 for 10% Discount) at  https://www.theresttechnique.com/courses/meditation-for-doctors-a-guide-to-the-rest-technique

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