Dare to Dream Physician Podcast

Ep 59: Rediscover Fun with Kristin Yates DO

September 12, 2022 Weili Gray, MD Episode 59
Dare to Dream Physician Podcast
Ep 59: Rediscover Fun with Kristin Yates DO
Show Notes

As physicians, we shoulder so much responsibility day in and day out in our profession.

When was the last time we prioritized play? 

🧠 Our education and socialization create left brain hypertrophy.

🧠 Play reconnects us to the right brain.

🧠 Play is a homeostatic event, just like sleep and eating.

🧠 Play helps us become whole human beings and better physicians.

I loved this conversation with Dr. Kristin Yates, OB-GYN, life coach, host of adventure retreats, wife, and mom to 3 daughters. She shares so many gems. Don’t miss this week’s episode on the Dare to Dream Physician Podcast!

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