Dare to Dream Physician Travel Podcast

Ep 52: Living the American Dream with Dr. Shehzad Batliwala

July 04, 2022 Episode 52
Dare to Dream Physician Travel Podcast
Ep 52: Living the American Dream with Dr. Shehzad Batliwala
Show Notes

Physicians come from diverse backgrounds and have many passions.  This is a special 2-part interview series to celebrate the Fourth of July at the Dare to Dream Physician.   I interview an extraordinary guest who shares his poignant immigrant story and honestly reflects on the challenges and gains he has experienced from childhood to adolescence, and now in adulthood.  We dive into profound reflections on:

❤️ The importance of our family origin story and appreciation of our cultural upbringing.
❤️ The reality of mental illness and its effects on families and children.
❤️ The balance between honoring our responsibilities to our loved ones and our individual freedom.
❤️ The awareness of how childhood trauma can drive our life decisions as an adult, even after the sources of the trauma are gone.
❤️ The moment of recognizing a void in our life when we reach a long-awaited goal.

I love this phenomenal conversation with Dr. Shehzad Batliwala, who is an ophthalmologist and entrepreneur.  He is the man behind Visionary Doc, with multiple passions in medicine, politics, technology, and space.

Listen to part 1 of this inspiring conversation on this week's episode of the Dare to Dream Physician Podcast!

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