Dare to Dream Physician Travel Podcast

Ep 51: Impact Investing with Dr. Recha Bergstrom

July 02, 2022 Dare to Dream Physician Episode 51
Dare to Dream Physician Travel Podcast
Ep 51: Impact Investing with Dr. Recha Bergstrom
Show Notes

Physicians care deeply about many issues that affect our patients, society, and the world at large.  Legacy building is often an important part of the Life Plan.  One way to create impact and build a legacy is through philanthropy.  Yet we may have limiting beliefs that are holding us back.  Do physicians wait to give until we feel financially and socially secure? Isn't philanthropy an activity reserved for the ultra-privileged multi-millionaires or billionaires?  Physicians already have to shoulder a large student debt burden, job insecurity, and burnout.    How can physicians start to create an impact in the world through our everyday decisions?

❤️ Examine what big topics we care about and dig deeper into our why.
❤️ Consider contributing to local causes, and get to know the people and organizations first-hand. 
❤️ Start with small acts, rather than be overwhelmed by all-or-none thinking. No need to sell all our investments or stop all investing in index funds. 
❤️ Look for opportunities to create impact.  We have the power in deciding how we direct the flow of money, not only through donating but also through spending and investing.

I loved this inspiring conversation with Dr. Recha Bergstrom, who is a mom of three, wife, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.  Her husband is a winemaker and together they make award-winning wines in Santa Cruz Mountains – Sandar & Hem Wines.  Recha is also the founder of The Physician Philanthropist, where she helps doctors learn how to donate effectively, invest responsibly and spend thoughtfully to maximize the positive impact they want to have in the world while maximizing their own benefits.   She has established The Physician Philanthropy Impact Fund, offers two comprehensive online courses "The Physician Philanthropist Course" on developing a giving plan and "Impactful Investing for Doctors" to help doctors align their investment portfolios with their values, and shares her blog "Intentional Money for Doctors" on simple ways to start.

Listen to part 2 of the impactful interview on this week's episode of the Dare to Dream Physician Podcast!

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