Dare to Dream Physician Travel Podcast

Ep 49: Financial Mastery with Dr. Latifat Akintade

June 09, 2022 Episode 49
Dare to Dream Physician Travel Podcast
Ep 49: Financial Mastery with Dr. Latifat Akintade
Show Notes

Money is often the limiting factor physicians cite in achieving our dreams.  Our relationship with money is more important than our current net worth. No matter the number, money can either trap us or liberate us.  How do we make money work for us?

💪 Examine our current flow of money and eliminate items that don't matter to us anymore.  Continually re-evaluating and choosing to spend money in a way that adds value to our lives.

💪 Recognize financial knowledge is important but can only bring results when accompanied by taking action.  Work on our minds and carefully choose the words we tell ourselves so we become action-takers. 

💪 Redefine our relationship with money.  We have inherent worth as human beings.  There is nothing we can do, earn or offer that will add more value to us.  If we ask for a raise and don't get it, that answer doesn't diminish us.  If we lose all our money, that doesn't diminish us.  Separating our worth from money gives us the freedom to gain and enjoy wealth.

I loved this profound conversation with Dr. Latifat Akintade, who is a GI doc, money coach, founder and CEO of MoneyFitMD, wife and mama to 3 girls, and who I admire as "a genius at life" because she is living in alignment with her core values and her dreams.

Listen to part 2 of the eye-opening interview on this week's episode of the Dare to Dream Physician Podcast!

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