Dare to Dream Physician Travel Podcast

Ep 46: Optimizing Mental Well-Being with Dr. Jeannie Lawrence

May 19, 2022 Episode 46
Dare to Dream Physician Travel Podcast
Ep 46: Optimizing Mental Well-Being with Dr. Jeannie Lawrence
Show Notes

Most physicians have suffered alone and long by the time they decide to seek help for their mental health.  How do we prevent physicians from getting to that dark place? What can all of us do right now to optimize our mental well-being?

❤️ We examine our language and assumptions. Humans don't have a binary distribution of mental states, we are not either purely mentally well or mentally disordered.
❤️ We start viewing mental health on a continuum.  Where we lie on the spectrum is dynamic throughout our lifetime.
❤️ We stay humble and recognize none of us are immune from developing severe mental illness.
❤️ We stay optimistic and believe all of us can learn tools to optimize our mental well-being throughout our lifetime, not just when we are unwell.
❤️ We intentionally dedicate our time and energy to pursuing activities that bring happiness and fulfillment.
❤️ We work on our minds to build resilience and maximize our full potential.
❤️ We put our resources to create impact and contribute to the world in a way that's meaningful to us.

I adored Part 2 of this phenomenal conversation with Dr. Jeannie Lawrence, a  board-certified psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and coach, who founded the program Emotional Mastery for Women Physicians.

Tune in to this week's Dare to Dream Physician Podcast episode to hear gem after gem after gem on physician mental well-being!

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