Dare to Dream Physician Podcast

Ep 43: Find Or Create Your Dream Job with Dr. Lara Hochman

April 28, 2022 Episode 43
Dare to Dream Physician Podcast
Ep 43: Find Or Create Your Dream Job with Dr. Lara Hochman
Show Notes

How valuable would it be for us to wake up each day feeling excited to go to work?

What if we feel confident in working out any conflict that may arise with our colleagues in the workplace?

With a burnout rate of 40%, physicians often don’t feel these goals are possible to achieve. Yet there are physicians who are finding immense professional fulfillment at work.  What did they do differently?  How do we proceed to find our dream job in today’s challenging healthcare environment?

💪 Before a job search, start with examining what’s important to us, be honest and go deep.

💪 Once we know what we want, find positions that have at least 80% of what we are looking for, with the other 20% not being deal-breakers.

💪 Know that the number one most important feature of any practice is the people. Utilize every opportunity to get to know them. 

💪 Stay in curiosity mode during the search process. 

💪 Don’t be afraid to have tough conversations. 

Statistics do not have to get in the way of our dreams.  Physicians can find or create opportunities for work that bring growth and satisfaction.  Professional fulfillment does not exist in a bubble. Workplace culture is an important element to consider when we are seeking to live our dream life.

I loved this empowering conversation with Dr. Lara Hochman, a Family Physician, who is also the Founder and CEO of Happy Day Health, a matchmaking service to connect amazing doctors with high-quality physician-own practices.

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